September 28, 2016

Doctor Craig

As a holistic healer, astrologer, and interfaith minister, my background offers you an intuitive and objective voice.

Times of struggle, confusion, or upset are often made more complicated by a lack of understanding. I offer you a clearer vision- one that is designed to break through obstacles and difficulties- and provide you with answers, insight and direction.

Whether you are dealing with personal, professional, or family-related issues, my practice is available to you. Healing is a process and an invitation. I approach it that way. Wherever you are in your life right now- that’s where we will begin. Without judgment, you can choose to understand your choices and how to make better ones.
When the time is right- let me know!

Please feel free to ask for guidance. You can submit questions here or contact me for a private consultation. 1 (323) 208-1091 or email me.

Doctor Craig


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